Search Classes by Word or Phrase

This page is fully searchable. For instance, if you want to hear all the classes where Swami talks about Ramananda Samvad (which I highly recommend :) ), simply type "Ramananda" (without the quotation marks) in the "Search" window below and all the classes that have "Ramananda" in the title or description will be selected.

Downloading the Class

You can download the class directly from the search results by clicking the down arrow in the right hand column.

Listening to the Class online

If you prefer to listen to the class online without downloading it to your device, using the date of the class, simply find it's location in the
Lectures by Year section on this site. You will be able to play it on the player there without downloading it.

Please help enhance this SEARCH page

This search is an extremely useful tool as long as the word is actually in the database. We are currently looking to expand the database by including descriptions and keyword for each class. If you are interested in assisting with this project please contact Dulal Chandra dasa.